WORSHIP: Every Sunday at 10:00 am

Sunday – June 5

“Asking for Help” Rev. David W. Chandler
It is a truism that help often comes from sources unlooked for. It might, on the other hand, speed things up if we did some looking in places that may be unfamiliar or even uncomfortable. I’m not using the “p” word, here – I’m just saying. Church School.

Sunday – June 12

“Pretty Good Enough” Rev. David W. Chandler
Letting “the perfect be the enemy of the good” is just as much a challenge in religiouscommunity as any other area of our lives. Being good enough is the real goal – but it is important to ask, in what ways in particular should we try to be good? Church School.

Sunday – June 19

Flower Communion Rev. David W. Chandler
This special service celebrates the beauty of nature, rededicates us to a better world, and honors those martyred for freedom of conscience. Please bring some fresh flowers to be joined together, given our blessing and then taken home by each of us. All-ages Service.

Sunday – June 26

Special Guest: Roberta Barry
Church School (first day of Jedi Camp).

May Services


Sunday – May 1

Candidating Sunday
“On the Threshold” Betsy Mead Tabor

Sunday – May 8

Candidating Sunday
“Let It Be A Dance” Betsy Mead Tabor

Sunday – May 15

“Heaven or Whatever” Rev. David W. Chandler
Fewer and fewer Americans – of any religious persuasion, or none – believe in any specific afterlife. About time people wised up, isn’t it? On the other hand, in what we choose not to believe, we reveal a great deal about who we really are. Church School.

Sunday – May 22

“The Deliberate Vision” Rev. David W. Chandler
Organized religion continues to decline in the US – especially in Northern New England. Yet Americans increasingly search for richness of soul, through more diverse spiritual practices. There are pathways to becoming the community they seek. Church School.

Sunday – May 29

“Us and Them” Rev. David W. Chandler
Behind the political clashes are deeper conflicts in who Americans are and want to be. It is much more than positions on issues. Different moral systems are in play – how we see the world matters. The same values may mean different things. Church School.

April Sunday Services

Sunday – April 3

“Faith, Hope and Reality” Rev. David W. Chandler

Faith and hope are essential qualities of the human spirit, as necessary as breathing. They guard us against certainty and superstition alike. When understood religiously, they complement reality by molding our lives beyond its boundaries. Church School.

Sunday – April 10

“Where Is Everybody?” Rev. David W. Chandler

Time to think about Fellowship programs and activities for the coming year. Where is our mission taking us? How will we get there? Who will lead the journey? Many will be called to play important roles. It takes much more than a minister. Church School.

Sunday – April 17

“The Spiritual Art of Aging” Rev. Carol Strecker

A UU minister for 15 years, Rev. Carol has an MSW and a special interest in exploring the crossroads where wisdom teaching and our own inner wisdom guide us together through continual change. Lunch: 11:30. Workshop: Noon – 3:00. Church School.

Sunday – April 24

“Suffering Too Much” Rev. David W. Chandler

Personal travails and apprehensions can be overwhelming in a tumultuous world. But are we taking on more pain than we really should? Does calamity have a human cause – and a human solution? Some reflections based on the Book of Job. Church School.

Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday – December 6 “What is Really There?” Rev. David W. Chandler
Santa Claus is a figment of our imagination – except when he is not. The sacred oil is gone – except when it is not. This holiday season let’s include some classic stocking-stuffers: Reality vs. Perception, Light vs. Dark and Science vs. Story. Church School.

Sunday – December 13 All-ages Holiday Pick-up Pageant CYPC, Rev. Chandler
Our children take the lead, but there are parts for adults, too. Don’t plan to memorize anything, just show up and raise your hand to join in our “pick-up” re-enactment of the Christmas story. Angels, animals, carols, Wise Persons and their camels – we do it all!

Sunday – December 20 All-ages Winter Solstice Rev. David W. Chandler
Our Sunday worship will celebrate the traditional passage of the longest night, which is Dec. 21. We will Call the Directions, and have readings, music and rituals to honor the earth and welcome “the unconquered sun.” Adults and children are invited to take part.

Sunday – December 27 “Affectionately Yours” Rev. David W. Chandler
Love gets most of the praise and poetry, but affection may be our essential need. No relationship – with those we love and all those around us – can last long without the elixir of the human heart. After all, we are not Gods – only human beings. No Church School.

Sunday Services, July 2015

Sunday – July 5
“Rockets’ Red Glare” Rev. David W. Chandler
What does a flag mean to us? What should it mean? How do we decide between history and symbolism? For this most American holiday, some thoughts on the tension inherent in our Fifth Principle – the right of conscience and democratic process.

Sunday – July 12
“Red Light, Green Light” Rev. David W. Chandler
How best decide what is “right” for our community? What is “our community”? In fact, none of us is part of only one community, or even only one at a time. Our congregation is a busy intersection of communities. How to manage the traffic?

Sunday – July 19 – guest speaker Christopher Hoffman
Sunday – July 26 – guest speaker Paul Marcus


uufes meetinghouse
UUFES meetinghouse in Tamworth
We are a friendly, welcoming community which fosters liberal religious living through worship, study, service, and fellowship.
We invite you to browse our site to learn about our Fellowship, or call us (603-323-8585) for more information.
Join us for Sunday services!
Our Worship Service is at 10:00 AM
Religious Education for youth is also at 10:00 AM.
Child care is available for very young children.

Sunday Services in May

Sunday, May 3: Seven Principles – Part II - Rev. David W. Chandler
In final form, the Principles and Purposes broke with the past and ushered in the future for UUs. They also embodied and enabled deeper spiritual and social energies – far more so than many anticipated. How have they grown – and how have we?

Sunday, May 10: The Myth of Independence  -  Julie Lanoie
The cycle of human life opens and often closes with an acute need for help from others. Why is it so hard for us to ask – or even think about asking – for the caring we will need and want? Special voices and music invite us to search in our hearts.

Sunday, May 17: Expecting Miracles - Rev. David W. Chandler
Annual Meeting Sunday is a time we expect our congregation to have a future. Of course, it does – because we act to renew our community. The future is ahead of us, of course. If we know where to seek the marvelous, we might find it.

Sunday, May 24: Ask the Minister Sunday - Rev. David W. Chandler
The Minister knows lots of stuff – most of it not useful. On the other hand, he may just have an answer for your question. So come prepared to ask away! Ask the big ones; ask the small ones. Ask any question at all, and Rev. David will explain.

Sunday , May 31: Finding Yourself In a Different Place - James Verschuren
In Cameroon for the Peace Corps 1969-71, our guest spoke French and embraced a very different culture. Over 30 years as a UU, he found this welcoming outlook to be a deep spiritual value, which he continues today in the Friendship Force Club.

Sunday, March 8th

Our service this Sunday, March 8 at 10a will be a talk by guest speaker, Tamworth resident, ecologist and Loon Center staff member Chris Conrod, titled “The Ecological Tao of Spirituality”. All are welcome to attend this event, at our meetinghouse located on the corner of Main Street and Route 113, at the east end of Tamworth Village.

Our speaker’s talk and readings will focus on Unitarian Universalism’s Seventh Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. A main theme of Chris’s talk will be “Connection” – specifically, all things, all beings are connected and our sense of connection is a primary source of our spirituality.

For those who have not attended a UUFES Sunday service before, it’s helpful to know that they are about an hour long, childcare for young children and a program for older children are provided, and dress is casual, or as you wish.