Agile Outside of IT

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing – a revolutionary change to the marketing industry fueled by industry leaders – applies the effective methods used so often in project

management and software development to the marketing arena. Specific techniques of Agile methodologies, when taken outside of IT applications, yields incredible results in marketing, as discovered by the founders of the Agile Marketing Academy, an agile marketing training course receiving high praise among industry leaders.

The launch of the Agile Marketing Academy is dramatically
changing the industry landscape for businesses and individuals across the globe. Through the delivery of structured curriculum, the Agile Marketing Academy upholds standards as the certifying body for the latest marketing
industry advances.
Agile, as many are familiar, remains the standard as an incremental and iterative approach to getting work done more effectively. While Agile has been used in Software Development and IT for years, it works very well in breaking down large complex projects into smaller, more
manageable pieces across a variety of other industries.
“After discovering the benefits of Agile and helping organizations get to market as much as 80% faster than other organizations around them, our team began looking for other applications of Agile outside of IT,” said Maria Matarelli, one of the founders of the Agile Marketing Academy.
Check out their video below!